We are an actual family comprised of a father, mother, son, and daughter-in-law, plus grandchildren!

From left to right: barbara, Louis, Zoe, Dejah, Kora, Devon

Dejah Léger

Dejah plays piano, guitar, sings, and occasionally stepdances

Devon Léger

Devon plays fiddle and does "les pieds" (or 'fancy footwork' in English)

Louis Léger

Louis plays accordion, fiddle, and sings.

barbara Léger

barbara plays guitar

The kiddos will have almost no choice in being brought up in the tradition. 

87 Rue St. Louis, Québec

87 Rue St. Louis, Québec

We are a true family band who play Acadian and French-Canadian music from Eastern Canada. We live in Seattle, Washington and play Contra Dances, concerts, festivals, and even dinner parties.  Devon Leger plays fiddle, Dejah plays piano, guitar, sings & stepdances, Barb plays guitar, and Louis plays accordion, fiddle, spoons, and sings.  Louis hails from a distinctive Acadian family from New Brunswick, and spent much of his youth in Québec City.  In fact, if you ever venture to Québec City, you can see the military house he grew up in right at the city gates, lined with cannons!