Devon and Dejah Léger playing an tune by Joseph Larade from Chéticamp

Tunes: La Pêcheuse, Les Soeurs Cotnoirs, Reel de Tadoussac. Watch at 3:30 for a surprise guest appearance of Kora Colombe Léger, Louis Léger, and Barbara Léger, in that order.

La Famille Leger playing La Peteuse at the 2007 Folklife Festival.

Louis and Devon Leger of La Famille Leger play La Rachoudine at the 2007 Folklife Festival.


La Famille Leger: Dejah, Devon, Louis, Barbara, warming up the stage for De Temps Antan, in Seattle, 2011. Playing an Acadian version of Lord McDonald's. This is the version we learned from Bertrand Déraspe, a Madelinot fiddler who calls it Célestin à Jos.

Reel du Cocron from Andre Savoie. Played by La Famille Léger at the Kirkland contradance.

The event was a Northwest Folklife Festival benefit party, where Devon Leger (a stellar Quebecois fiddler) was one of the performers. Doug Plummer says: "I had my Flip camera in my pocket, as well as my iPhone. I shot with both simultaneously. Here's how they compare. In the first two cuts the sound is from each camera by itself." Nice shot of Devon's "pieds".